Everything about Coronavirus

People from all over the globe are willing to know more about the Coronavirus that has been the reason behind more than 300 deaths in China within a month. The first victim of this virus was found in Wuhan, a city of China but today over 15000 patients have been infected by this virus. Also, the patients have been found in 12 other countries apart from China.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a virus that is found in most of the animal species and some of them are even capable of infecting humans. A similar kind of Coronavirus was able to infect humans in 2002 and 2012 as well but it is a totally different virus as per the scientists

Is Coronavirus Dangerous?

Researchers and scientists are still trying to figure out how dangerous this virus is. However, it is very infectious and transmissible. Therefore, it can infect millions of people in a short span and could result in the deaths of several thousand people.

Luckily, 300 people have already recovered from this virus and therefore, there is no reason to panic right now. Also, all the deaths were reported only from China where the maximum impact of the virus can be seen.

Currently, the death rate of Coronavirus is estimated to range between 2 and 3 percent which is quite less. Also, people who succumbed to this virus were most old people who were already suffering from illnesses like diabetes and heart diseases.

How does it Spread?

Coronavirus spreads from one person to another when they are quite close to each other. As per the early evidence, it spreads when that person coughs or sneezes. Also, it is predicted that one person can spread this virus to a maximum of 3 people.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The common symptoms shown by people infected from Coronavirus are coughing, sneezing, feeling short of breath, and fever. A worrying thing about this virus is that it can be spread by a person even before he or she himself notices any symptoms.

The early symptoms include muscle aches, having a sore throat, a feeling cold unnecessarily.
These symptoms are common Coronavirus:

  • Symptoms of cold
  • Symptoms of viral fever /flu.

There is no need to worry if you are not been to China or any other place where maximum victims are found. However, it is better to get checked by a doctor as soon as you start noticing these symptoms especially if you have been to China.

How to Stay Away from this Virus?

If you are not living in China, the most obvious step will be to stay away from China. Therefore, if you are planning a trip or have a business meeting in China, cancel it straight away.  Apart from that, people have been suggested to remain hydrated, wash hands clean regularly, and avoid visiting sick people to remain immune from it. Also, people who are already infected should get admitted immediately and they must cover their faces while coughing and sneezing.

  • People who are living in areas where patients of Coronavirus have been found should avoid taking public transport.
  • They must also wear a mask while traveling outside.
  • Common sense is the most effective precaution in such cases.
  • Do not touch your shoes with bare hands whenever you arrive at your home from outside.
  • Wash your hands immediately with hand wash and water as soon as you touch any objects in the public space.
  • Moreover, do not bring your hands close to your mouth and nose before washing them.

These precautions will surely keep you protected from Coronavirus.

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