Privacy policy is an online medication shop which deals in all branded and generic for controlled and non-controlled medications at much reasonable price.

Our customers are our first priority and we offer a legal platform which is totally safe from any kind of possible threat or danger to any of our customers. do guarantee safeguard of customers personal information with any other third party and highly emphasize on maintaining a proper privacy status.

Though the customer shall be held liable in future circumstances and implications so on if the misuse of drugs happen in anyway. Therefore it is always advisable to take detailed consideration of your respective doctor before consuming the pills.

If the patient do face any kind of issue pertaining to buying of medications from our website then our customers are always welcomed to share their issues with our customer care service team. They are available for 24*7. Whenever you purchase any product from our website, it means you agree with terms and policies.

It must be noted upon that customers need not to pay any kind of fees while going through our website. You just need to pay when you place any kind of order. Be safe from third party who may be fool you on pretext on false offers of our websites.

Know All About Refund Policies

If the customer didn’t receives the product that is being product upon then they have the full right /option to replace the product or claim to refund the total amount of the product.

In case if the customer receives expired medicines though still not any similar case has been reported so far.

Customers are given the option to cancel their product until the products get dispatch, but once the product get shipped this option is no more available to the customer.