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What is Valium?

Diazepam is the generic name or form of the brand Valium. It comes from the family of benzodiazepine that is responsible for bringing a calm effect in the person. Valium comes from the family of benzodiazepine which affects the chemicals in the brain that may be quite unbalanced in people suffering from anxiety.

What is Valium Used For

Valium main use includes treating anxiety disorders, alcohol withdrawal symptoms and muscle spasms. Valium secondary use includes using it with other medications in order to treat seizures.

How to Take Dosage of Valium?

The dosage of Valium should be individualized for patients because of its high power nature. Depending upon the severity of symptoms patients are advised to take 2 mg to 10 mg
usually 2 to 4 times daily or as prescribed by the doctors. Dosage of Valium is available in both injection solution and rectal gel or jelly. The dosages of valium should not be given below to the age of 6 yrs old child.

Side Effects of Valium

Valium is nature such that it contradicts with other medications so if the patient is suffering from below diseases then highly refrain from intake of valium:-

  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Severe liver disease
  • Narrow-angle glaucoma
  • Severe breathing problem
  • Sleep apnea

Also, the pregnant ladies or breastfeeding ladies should highly refrain from intake of valium as valium drug can interfere with the baby development. It can pass through breast milk to the baby and can cause harmful side effects. Thus any misuse of valium pills can lead to severe addiction, overdose or maybe fatal in serious cases. It should not be taken along with alcohol or other such addictive drinks or substance. Valium may cause dependency and its withdrawal does not last longer if a person takes the drug for a longer period of time. Thus contact the doctor who will reduce the amount gradually to lessen the withdrawal symptoms. Below are certain side effects of valium:

  • Shakiness
  • Unsteady walk
  • Trembling
  • Problems associated with muscle control or coordination