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Adderall 12.5mg

Our hectic lifestyle demands us to be quite energetic but at last, it shows its repercussions too. It leaves us baffled and too tired. In such a case, we try to find the kind of medication that is able to increase our concentration and attention level. This work is perfectly executed by Adderall 12.5mg capsules.

What does Adderall 12.5 mg use for

Adderall does help in increasing the attention and concentration span of the person. This also helps in controlling the behavioral issues too and helps in better focusing on any activity.

Adderall Generic

Adderall 12.5mg comes from the family of Amphetamine/dextroamphetamine which belongs to the class of stimulants. This drug helps in curing the issue of sleeping disorder which is also known as narcolepsy and therefore it helps us in keeping awakening during the day. But caution needs to take that it should not use by people to hold off their sleep who do not have the issue of sleep disorder.

How to take the dosage of Adderall 12.5 mg capsules

The proper prescription of Adderall completely depends upon the age, medical condition and response of the patient towards the ongoing medical treatment. Generally, this medication takes orally with or without food 3-4 times in a single day. Usually, the first dose is taken in the first part of the morning and then the second dose is taken generally after 4-5 hours apart. If the person indulges in medication in later parts of the day then chances are that the person may suffer from insomnia.

Plus following the doctor’s instructions and guidelines is of immense importance. Adderall 12.5 mg withdrawal symptoms During the whole process of getting cured if after mild cure the person suddenly stops the intake of medication then chances are might that the person may suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as severe tiredness, sleep issues, and severe mood swings or depression may also occur. In such a case you should immediately contact your doctor who will slowly lower the dose of medication. While the side effect of withdrawal remain high in cases where medication has been taken in high dosage for a longer period of time.

Long term effect of Adderall 12.5 mg

While in some cases overdose of Adderall may cause the issue of addiction. Such a condition is known as the long term effect of Adderall. This addiction will eventually lead to severe health issues. This addiction is high if it is accompanied with high alcohol consumption. Even the case of Adderall 12.5 mg abuse may also happen which is a serious case and it should be taken care of.

Side Effects of Adderall

Adderall has its own side effects if it is improperly taken. Below are a few side effects of Adderall:-

  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Diarrhea
  • Nervousness

Though some of the above side effects are not of many serious levels. But taking consultation from the doctor is a must. In case any of the side effects do continue for a longer period of time.

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