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Levitra 10mg is a drug that is in use for masculine infecundity. An impotence problem in males is the primary reason for their weakness. Also, it certainly needs treatment. One of the medicine which can treat erectile dysfunction is Levitra. Kindly find more details of Levitra 10mg below.

Levitra 10mg: Introduction

It is a drug type remedy that is consumable for treating male’s sexual problems.  In other words, it cures impotence or erectile dysfunction.

  • The drug medication also has many other brand names; one of them is Staxyn. 
  • Vardenafil is the generic name of this medicine by which it is also available in medical stores.
  • It relaxes the muscles in the blood vessels and increases the flow to blood in the body, mainly to the penis.
  • Thus, this above process helps a man to get and maintain an erection during sexual activity.
  • Moreover, such a process helps improve exercise capability in males.
  • However, the drug is never to use for treating any sexually transmittable diseases like HIV aids.
  • Therefore, a recommendation is to always clear from your medical advisor about its usage and effects.
  • Besides, it is potent at the same time and highly addictive that indicates a relevant medical prescription for its usage.
  • One must also take its essential information by going through its leaflet thoroughly.
  • Above all, the usage of the medicine must happen in the limit, and Levitra abuse results in criminal acts.

Levitra 10mg: Usage

The safe and secure usage is following and implementing the recommendations and guidance of a medical advisor. Also, some of the secure usages are as follows.

  • It is a highly potent drug, so one must use this medicine in quantity as prescribed only.
  • Besides, one may use this medicine with or without food as per the comfort zone of the stomach.
  • However, it is suggestive to use medicine with food only to avoid nausea.
  • Moreover, the usage of this medication happens only once in a day.
  • In other words, a gap of at least 24 hours is mandatory to follow in between its dosages.
  • This medicine is to intake at least one hour before the sexual activity by males.
  • Also, it is only used by people above 18 years of age with a proper prescription.
  • One needs to swallow the medicine with much water instead of doing chew, lick, crush, or dissolve.
  • Besides, make sure that your hands are not wet when you hold the tablet during intake. 
  • Such the above condition reduces its effects and also increases the chances of risks. 
  • Above all, it is relevant not to quit using the drug all of a sudden.
  • Such the above process may cause some withdrawal symptoms of this drug to a patient.
  • Therefore, one must take the help of a doctor in quitting the drug usage safely.

Levitra 10mg: Side Effects

In terms of side effects, some Levitra 10mg symptoms are moderate to severe.

Generally, the severe symptoms are the result of improper or unsafe use of the drug-like overdose, misuse, or abuse.

On the other hand, safe and proper usage of the drug may or may not cause symptoms that are typical and do not need medical help. Some of such symptoms are nausea, indigestion, mood changes, blur vision, dizziness, insomnia, etc. However, some severe symptoms include high fever, fast heartbeat, nose bleeding, increased sweating, high blood pressure, suicidal thoughts, etc. These symptoms need frequent medical attention.

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