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Yellow Xanax
What is Yellow Xanax?
Yellow Xanax is nothing but manufacturer
selling Xanax 0. 5 mg in yellow color are known
as yellow Xanax. The shape of yellow Xanax is
generally football shaped.
What is Yellow Xanax used for?
The generic form of Xanax is known with the
name of Alprazolam. Xanax comes from the
family of drug class known as Benzodiazepines.
Xanax is recommended by doctors to patients
for the treatment of anxiety, panic disorder,
How does Xanax works in the body?
Xanax works by slowing down the brain activity
which ultimately result in calm, relax effect for
the user.

Xanax works by binding to receptors and
stimulating its production. The central nervous
system is responsible for body primary
functions like heart rate, breathing, blood
pressure and body temperature and when
intake of Xanax it slows down the function
Xanax stimulate the inhibiting neurotransmitter
responsible for how calm or relax we feel which
is known as GABA. Xanax works by binding to
these receptors and stimulating its production.
In how many forms/variations Xanax is
available in the market?
The dosage of Xanax is available in form of oral
tablet, extended release, oral concentrate, oral
tablet, disintegrating, compounding powder.
The highest strength of Xanax is a 3 mg
extended release tablet.
Yellow Xanax oval shaped tablet

Xanax tablets which have imprint of S 901 is the
generally yellow Xanax which is in shape of oval
or Elliptical and is of 0.5 mg strength.
Yellow football Xanax 1 mg
The yellow football Xanax 1 mg is blue in color
and is quite low in strength. It is use in cases of
mild anxiety issues.
White Xanax tablets
The Xanax tablets which have print of Xanax
0.25 and is white in color.
Dark yellow Xanax tablets
Tablets with R039 is rectangle is Yellow in color
and is of 2 mg strength.
R039 purple Xanax Tablets
Tablets with imprint of R039 is Yellow,
rectangle and has been identified as Alprazolam
2 mg. It is used for treatment of anxiety, panic
disorder, depression.

Fake yellow Xanax bars
Xanax bars usually refer to 2 mg strengths
tablets of drug. While a certain company make
yellow version of drug. Often these yellow
drugs are known as yellow school buses on the
street. The difference in color is due to the
tablets being manufactured by different
People may buy fake yellow Xanax bars, fake
green Xanax bars and other types of fake
Alprazolam on street because it can be easier
and cheaper to obtain.
What are the common side effects of yellow
The common side effects of yellow Xanax is
listed below :-
Often people who develop habit forming intake
of Xanax tends to reduce their energy output
and sleep more causing immense weight gain

but on extreme side some people also lose
their appetite too which is also an alarming side
effect of Xanax too.
 Ataxia
 Cognitive dysfunction
 Drowsiness
 Constipation
 Severe headache
 Dysarthria
 Fatigue
 Memory impairment
 Skin rash
 Weight gain
 Weight loss
 Decreased libido
 Increased appetite
 Insomnia

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