Root of Drug Addiction to Cure Depression in Hollywood

The statement made by Juice WRLD’s mom on his illicit drug use states, “Addiction knows no boundaries and its impact goes way beyond the person fighting it. Jarad was a son, brother, grandson, friend, and so much more to so many people who wanted more than anything to see him defeat Addiction. We hope the conversations he started in his music and his legacy will help others win their battles as that is what he wanted more than anything.”

                         “The world lost another young talent to an overdose of drugs.” 

How many lives have we lost, or how many lives are we losing each day? 
The questions seem a little heartbreaking, but what can we do? We can understand the roots of drug abuse by looking at some famous cases of Hollywood.

  • JK Rowling once mentioned, “It’s so hard to portray [depression] to somebody who’s never been there because it’s no trouble,” The lady behind Harry Potter carried rapture to millions, however, admits she felt despair while composing the mystical books. Her dim mind-sets even drove her planning’s spirit sucking creatures known as Dementors.


  • Coming out as Gay, not only drove the homophobic people against Ellen Degrees, but she lost her show. From making a ton of money to not making at all, she found herself tangled in the roots of Depression.


  • Losing almost all his wealth to alcohol addiction and mishandling, Johnny Depp has severe Depression. He needs a therapist even on the set of his movies, who guides him throughout.

  • Everyone is well aware of Eminem’s severe drug addiction with Vicodin, but the root cause was Depression. He has been suffering almost all his life, but he hit rock bottom when he lost his best friend and his rocky relationship with his ex-wife.


  • Whenever the world is falling apart in the Marvel Universe, Captain America is there to save it. But the real actor, Chris Evans, has opened about his depression struggle whenever he has to walk a red carpet. Which depicts one can never tell who is suffering who is not by the looks of it.

  • We are all well acquainted with the Facebook group called, “Stefani Germanotta, You will never be famous.” It was her first year in NYC when the hate club accelerated against her with full force. It may be a highlighted reason why Lady Gaga has opened up about her fight with depression and anxiety almost all her life. She doesn’t feel ashamed in telling people she is still on antidepressants.

JK Rowling

Understanding Depression

It is a state of mental illness that includes a constant sentiment of sullenness and loss of intrigue. It is not the same as the mind-set fluctuations that individuals usually experience as a piece of life. 
Significant life occasions, for example, loss or the passing of a loved one, can prompt misery. In any case, specialists believe sentiments of grief to be essential for woe if they bear. Depression is a progressing issue, not a passing one. It comprises scenes during which the indications keep going for at any rate fourteen days. Depression can keep going for a little while, months, or years.



Depression and Its Symptoms


The symptoms vary from children to adults. Here we have covered all the age groups.


  • A discouraged state of mind

  • Decreased intrigue or joy in exercises once appreciated

  • Lost sexual want

  • Changes in craving

  • Unexpected weight reduction or increase

  • Dozing excessively or excessively little

  • Unsettling, anxiety, and pacing here and there

  • Eased back development and discourse

  • Exhaustion or loss of energy

  • Sentiments of uselessness or blame

  • Trouble thinking, focusing or deciding

  • Intermittent considerations of death or self-destruction


Depression In Females


The following are a few manifestations of gloom that will, in general, show up more frequently in females:


  • Fractiousness

  • Tension

  • Disposition swings

  • Exhaustion

  • Ruminating (harping on negative contemplations)

  • Likewise, a few kinds of gloom are attractive to females, for example,

  • Post-birth anxiety

  • Premenstrual dysphoric issue


Depression In Males


Men with Depression are almost certain than females to savor liquor abundance, show outrage and take part in hazard taking because of the problem.


Different manifestations of discouragement in the male may include:


  • Staying away from families and social circumstances

  • Working without a break

  • Experiencing issues remaining aware of work and family duties

  • Showing damaging or controlling conduct seeing someone

  • Study the side effects of sadness in men.


Depression In Undergrads


Time at school can upset, and an individual might be managing different ways of life, societies, and encounters unexpectedly. A few understudies experience adapting to these changes, and they may create a melancholy, uneasiness, or both accordingly.


Manifestations of Discouragement in Understudies May Include:


  • Trouble focusing on homework

  • Sleep deprivation

  • Resting excessively

  • A reduction or increment in hunger

  • Staying away from social circumstances and exercises that they used to appreciate


Depression In Teenagers


  • Physical changes, peer pressure, and different elements can add to discouragement in youngsters.

  • Pulling back from loved ones

  • Trouble focusing on homework

  • Feeling remorseful, defenseless, or useless

  • Fretfulness, for example, powerlessness to sit still


Depression In Kids


In kids, the  indications can be homework and social exercise testing. They may encounter manifestations, for example,


  • Crying

  • Low energy

  • Tenacity

  • Rebellious conduct

  • Vocal upheavals


More youthful kids experience issues communicating how they feel. This makes it difficult for them to clarify their sentiments of pity.

Assisting Someone with Depression

  • Depression is an Actual Condition : Try not to belittle the reality of Depression. Melancholy drains an individual’s energy, good faith, and inspiration. Your disheartened cherished one can’t only “wake up” by the sheer power of will.

  • The Manifestations of Depression aren’t Close to Home : An individual with Depression finds it hard to associate on a profound enthusiastic level with anybody, even their loved ones the most. It’s additionally usual for discouraged individuals to express terrible things and lash out of resentment. Recall this is the downturn talking, not your adored one, so do whatever it takes not to think about it literally.

  • Hiding the Issue won’t Cause it to Disappear : It never helps anybody that you take a stab at justifying, hiding the problem, or lying for a relative or friend who is depressed. This may shield the discouraged individual from looking for treatment.

  • Your Cherished one isn’t Lazy or Unmotivated : At the point when you’re experiencing melancholy, only considering doing the things that may assist you with feeling better can appear to be devastating or challenging to place enthusiastically. Have persistence as you urge your cherished one to make the little moves to recovery.

  • You can’t “fix” Another Person’s Downturn : As much as possible, neither saves somebody from Depression nor fixes the issue for them. You’re not to fault for your adored one’s downturn or answerable for their bliss (or deficiency in that department). While you can offer love and backing, at last, restoration is in the control of the depressed individual.


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